DIY 1-bell display strap kit

This DIY (do it yourself) kit will allow you to construct a 1-bell door strap using your bell. The final result will be similar to the completed strap shown.

This particular design is intended for a single large bell. You will get the best results if you choose a bell that is 2" across (#8 size) or larger with a clear, pleasant sound. The bell shown is a #12 size (2 1/2" across).

Overall size of the finished strap will be about 3 inches wide and 11 inches long. The length includes the ring.

Kit includes the precut leather straps and these solid brass parts: one medium bell pin, one 2 1/2" ring, and one 1/4" Chicago screw fastener. (The bell shown is not included.) More info about the brass parts...

Assembly instructions...

Sold per kit.

Price: $30.00
41.29 CAD 24.46 GBP 27.29 EUR
Leather color
Dark brown
Medium brown
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