Leather strap, 2 1/4 to 3 in. wide

Our bridle leather straps are suitable for belts, bridles, harness parts, heavy-duty tool pouches, purse straps, etc. Bridle leather is firm, yet supple, with extra waxes and oils added for weather and water resistance.

This US-made vegetable-tanned leather is 10-12 oz (about 1/8" thick). The back side of the leather is nicely finished at the tannery. The long edges of each strap are hand dyed and finished. You will only need to cut and finish the short ends.

Straps are available in black, dark brown, and medium brown. View colors...

Strap length: Enter the total length in whole feet in the "Quantity" box below. The longest single strap I can provide is 7 feet. If you order a total length of more than 7 feet, you will receive 2 or more straps. For lengths over 7 feet, tell me how this total length should be divided into shorter straps in the "Notes" section below.

Strap width: If you are planning to put a buckle on your strap, please order the SAME width of strap as the buckle opening is wide. In other words, a 1 1/2" buckle is designed to fit a 1 1/2" strap. Do not order strap that is wider or narrower than the buckle -- it will NOT work properly.

Please ask in advance if you have any questions about how to order. Straps cut to your measurements cannot be returned for refund.

Sold by the running foot.

Price: $11.40
15.67 CAD 9.00 GBP 10.64 EUR