Saddle string

Saddle strings are the long narrow leather straps that hang from either side of the pommel and cantle of a Western saddle. They are used to tie slickers, saddle bags, and other items to the saddle. Because they get hard use, saddle strings need to be replaced occasionally.

I hand cut each saddle string from pliable, strong, Santa Ynez latigo. Each string is 1/2" wide and at least 72" long and is a deep burgundy color. The corners of the strap are rounded over to feel good in the hand.

To install a saddle string, you will need to know how to make a "slit braid," also called a "bleed knot." Here's a video that shows how to make a bleed knot:

Note: The narrow saddle strings shown here are not the same as the wide "latigo" straps used to fasten a cinch onto a saddle.

Sold per each.

Price: $8.65
11.90 CAD 6.82 GBP 8.09 EUR
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