Craft-quality antique bells, assorted, pkg 10

Our antique craft-quality bells can help create a rich, nostalgic look for holiday decorating, home decor, sculpture, and similar projects where the sound of the bells is not important.

Each package will contain an assortment of antique sleigh bells in various sizes and styles. The bells may range from marble size (about 1" diameter) to tennis-ball size (about 2 1/2"). The sizes you will receive will depend on the stock we have at the moment. The bells will typically date to the late 1800s and early 1900s, although a few packages will contain an early-1800s bell. These solid-brass bells will be polished to a soft golden luster and lacquered.

Most of these bells have large cracks, holes, or other substantial defects from age, accident, and use. Because of this damage, these craft bells will have poor or no sound. Please see our "Santa's seconds" and first-quality gift bells if good sound is important.

Click "View more images" at left to see a typical assortment of craft-quality bells. Photo 1: The bells have been arranged so the worst blemishes are visible. Photo 2: The barb wire wreath by our shop door is decorated with seasonal flowers and a "tassel" of craft-quality sleigh bells.

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Sold per package. Each package will contain 10 bells in a range of sizes. No choice of size, style or condition.

Sold as is -- no returns or guarantees. Availability is limited and subject to change without notice.

Price: $30.00
40.87 CAD 23.15 GBP 27.55 EUR