New Polar Express style bell, size #5, 1 5/8 in.

Discontinued as of 11/29/2023. We still sell this same bell in a larger size: New Polar Express style bell, size #6

New "Polar Express" style sleigh bell with a gentle musical chime. This bell is 1 5/8" diameter (#5 size).

Cast solid brass with a highly-polished chrome (silver-color) finish. This bell has a hole in the base for use with a 5/32" diameter blind rivet (aka "Pop" rivet) or a self-threading sheet metal screw. When fastened to a leather or sturdy fabric strap, these bells sit flat on the strap. Blind rivets and sheet-metal screws are available at many hardware stores.

Click "See more images" at left to see larger views of this bell and our other Polar Express style bells. This bell is the smallest bell in the group photos.

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Sold per each.

Price: $8.95
12.23 CAD 7.02 GBP 8.24 EUR