New jingle bell seconds, pkg 20

We use a lot of steel jingle bells in our door hangers and standard bell straps. Occasionally we find a few "seconds" bells with visual defects such as discoloration, scratches, or dents. That is what we are selling in this package of assorted steel jingle bells. 

These bells will be sturdy and durable enough for craft projects and sparkly enough for holiday decorating. Most will sound as good as first-quality jingle bells, although there may be the occasional silent or clunky-sounding bell.

Our jingle bells have a hole in the base for use with 5/32" diameter blind rivets (aka "Pop" rivets) or self-threading sheet metal screws. When fastened to a leather or sturdy fabric strap, these bells sit flat on the strap. I do not sell blind rivets or sheet-metal screws, but these fasteners are sold at many hardware stores.

The photos show a sample of the seconds we had in stock at the time the photo was taken. The mix of bells in each assortment will vary -- your package will not have the same blend of sizes or colors as shown in this listing.

Please purchase our first quality jingle bells if you want the same quality of bells that you see on our door hangers and standard bell straps.

More about our bells...

Sold per package. Each package will contain 20 bells in assorted sizes from 1" to 1 1/2" across and assorted silver- or gold-tone colors. No choice of size, color, or condition.

Sold as is -- no returns or guarantees. Availability is limited and subject to change without notice.

Price: $10.00
13.68 CAD 7.70 GBP 9.15 EUR