New jingle bell, 1 inch, deep gold, pkg 100

Special Purchase! These jingle bells are 1" across and are made of steel with a deep gold-tone finish.

The hole in the base is sized for use with 3/16" diameter blind rivets (aka "Pop" rivets) or self-threading sheet metal screws. When fastened to a leather or sturdy fabric strap, these bells sit flat on the strap. Blind rivets and sheet-metal screws are available at many hardware stores.

Please note -- Compared with our regular jingle bells, these bells are a darker gold color and a larger 3/16" rivet must be used -- a 5/32" rivet will not work. More about our bells...

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  • 2-3 packages: $18.00 per package (10% off)
  • 4-5 packages: $16.00 per package (20% off)
  • 6+ packages: $14.00 per package (30% off)

Sold per package. Enter a quantity of 1 to purchase 1 package of 100 bells.

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Price: $20.00
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