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Our premium 7-bell door strap features new solid-brass bells, hanging ring, and fasteners. This item is a first-quality overstock.

The seven bells range from a #6 bell (1 3/4" diameter) at the bottom to a hefty #12 bell (2 1/2") at the top. The hanging ring is 2 1/2" across the inside, sized to slip over most residential door knobs.

We take extra care to produce an heirloom quality product. The wide, firm leather straps are fully lined with leather on the back, so your door or walls will not be marred. The edges of each strap are hand dyed and decoratively creased.

Available in dark brown or black leather with gold bells. View colors...

Overall length is about 30 inches long, including the ring. Leather strap is 2 inches wide and about 27 inches long. Note: This strap is too long to be hung on a door handle.

More about our bells...

Sold per each. Quantities are limited to overstock on hand.

Price: $166.00
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