Antique round-ridge gift bell, size Lg, 1 5/8-1 3/4", gold

Solid cast-brass antique bells with a smoothly polished surface in a soft golden color and a bright, clear sound in the "alto" range.

Holiday 2022 update: The bells I have in stock this season are from a set of tuned theatre bells used in the silent film era of the 20s and 30s. They have exceptional sound and are in excellent condition. I do not expect to find more of these tuned theatre bells again.

We handpick each of our antique gift bells, choosing bells primarily for exceptional sound and then for very good to excellent appearance. Even so, these choice bells may have slight visual flaws -- small casting defects, very short hairline cracks, scratches, etc.

Each bell is buffed to a soft luster, lacquered to retard tarnish, decorated with a glove-soft deerskin lace, and packaged with a durable red gift bag.

More about our bells...

We do not recommend this item for children under age 3.

The bells will vary slightly in shape and size. If you order two or more of these bells, we will do our best to send bells that are similar in appearance and tone, but we cannot guarantee they will all match.

Price shown is for one bell with its lace and a gift bag.

Price: $40.00
54.49 CAD 30.86 GBP 36.73 EUR