5-bell strap, antique bells, laced style strap

This strap features five antique bells from the late 1800s and early 1900s. Choose all "petal" bells, all "round ridge" bells, all "patent" bells, or a sampler with five different bells that were popular in the same era.

Petal bells have a daisy pattern on the top and have one throat (slit) across the top. They have a bright cheery sound.

Round ridge bells are shaped like petal bells, but they have a smooth surface with no daisy pattern. They are usually a bit louder than petal bells.

Patent bells are smooth, spherical bells with two throats (slits) across the top. Each patent bell has a ring of dates circling the bottom that record the dates when this bell was patented in the 1870s. Patent bells have slightly quieter, more liquid sound than petal or round ridge bells -- more like the bells you hear in Christmas songs (Jingle Bells, anyone?)

The sampler strap has all different bells. I usually include one petal, one round ridge, one patent, and two other bells. I promise the sampler bells will all sound good and look interesting. Sampler straps tend to be a bit quieter than straps made with round ridge or petal bells.

Any group of bells picked at random will probably not sound good, so we hand pick the bells for a pleasing choral sound. Please note these bells may have visual flaws, including casting defects, hairline cracks, scratches, etc. More about our bells...

Fully lined with leather on the back. The bell strap and lining strap are woven or laced together. Only leather will touch your door or wall, not any metal. Comes with a solid brass hanging ring sized to slip over most residential door knobs.

This piece is available with a plain top or an optional buckled top. It is available in your choice of black, dark brown, or medium brown. View colors...

Overall length including ring: 17 1/2". Strap length: 15".  Optional buckle adds about 2 inches to the length. Strap width: 1 1/2". Bells: Five each 1 1/8" to 1 1/4" across.

Sold per each.

Price: $108.35
134.78 CAD 77.58 GBP 91.12 EUR
Leather color
Dark brown
Medium brown
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