DIY 7-bell display strap kit

This DIY (do it yourself) kit will allow you to construct a 7-bell door strap using your bells.

This particular design is intended for medium to large bells that graduate in size. The top bell should be BIG -- it should be at least a #9 size (2 1/8" across) up to a size #14 (3"). As the bells step down the strap, each bell should be 1/8" to 1/2" smaller than the bell above it. Click "See more images" to see examples of this strap kit with bells installed.

It is also important to choose bells that sound nice when rung together -- not every group of bells will make beautiful music, even if each bell sounds great alone.

The backside of this piece is fully lined with a separate layer of smooth leather. The narrow top strap has been punched with slots for the bells. We make this sturdy bell strap from USA-tanned bridle leather and solid brass hardware. 

To assemble this kit, you insert a bell into its slot on the narrow "bell strap", fasten the bell in place with a wire bell pin, and lace the narrow bell strap onto its wider lining strap. Repeat this process for the rest of the bells, and lastly attach the top ring with a screw fastener. See my assembly instructions and videos for more information.

Overall length of the finished strap will be about 30 inches long, including the ring. This strap is a bold 2" wide to properly support and show off the big bells it is designed to carry.

Kit includes the precut leather straps and these solid brass parts: seven large bell pins, one 2 1/2" ring, and one 1/4" Chicago screw fastener. Bells are not included.

Sold per kit.

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