Boot bells
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"Boot bells" are designed to fasten around Santa's boots. The strap can also be buckled into a loop and held in the hand.

Each strap is decorated with three bright-sounding, musical sleigh bells. Two #2 (1 1/4" across) and one #5 (1 5/8") antique "round ridge" bells are on the strap shown. This range of sizes adds more depth to the sound than bells all one size.

New and antique solid-brass bells are available.

  • Petal bells have an old-fashioned look with a cheery bright jingle. View an example of antique petal bells.
  • Round ridge bells have the same shape as petal bells, but no "daisy" design. They sound similar to petal bells but tend to be a bit louder. Click on "See more images" (upper left) to see an example of round ridge bells.
  • New solid-brass bells have a higher, louder sound than antique bells. They come in two finishes. Gold bells have a shiny gold finish. Silver bells are the same bells as the gold ones except for a shiny chrome finish. View an example of new petal bells, gold color and new petal bells, silver color.
  • More about our bells... and more about sleigh bell designs...

The buckle will be solid brass or stainless steel to match the bell color. Your boot bell strap will be similar in general design to that shown, although bell sizes and design details may vary slightly.

Please provide the distance around your boot where you want the strap to go, typically around the ankle. Aim for a trim fit -- not too tight, not too loose. This measurement will be the length when the strap is buckled into the center hole. There will be 2 inches of adjustment both shorter and longer.

If you can provide your own bells for this piece, the cost will be considerably less. We recommend using small to medium size bells (1" to 1 3/4" diameter). Larger bells will be too heavy and awkward, and their tone may be too deep to create a bright cheery sleigh-bell jingle.

Sold per each. If you want a pair, please order a quantity of 2.

Made to order -- allow about 3 weeks for us to make this item using bells from our inventory. Lead time will be longer if using your bells.

Price: $95.00
121.36 CAD 69.48 GBP 80.93 EUR
Leather color
Black (99980)
Dark brown (99997)
Medium brown (99999)
Chestnut (rust) (99999)
Red (99988)
Green (99998)
White (99999)
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