Frequently Asked Questions

I want my sleigh bells fixed up. Can you do the work?

Yes! See Bell Restoration and Custom Projects.

What are my sleigh bells worth?

Please see Appraising & Buying Sleigh Bells.

Will you buy my bells?

Please see Appraising & Buying Sleigh Bells.

Do you have a printed catalog of your products?

No, we do not. Our product line and product availability change often, so it is tough to keep a printed catalog up-to-date. Please explore our website and contact us if you have questions.

Your sleigh bells are new, right?

Some are brand new, and they are clearly labeled as such. Some are vintage bells from the 1930s to modern times. Most are honest antiques over 100 years old from the era of horse transportation. See our More info about bells section for Dating Bells, Fakes I: Old bells that aren't, Fakes II: Old straps that aren't, and About Our Bells.

What can you tell me about my sleigh bells?

Please check these resources first: More info about bells section for Sleigh Bell Designs, Dating Bells, Fakes I: Old bells that aren't and History. If you cannot find what you are looking for, you can send an email.

What can you tell me about my Asian-elephant-church-farm-call-hand-falcon-collectible-etc. bell?

Not much, to be honest. We know a fair amount about sleigh bells and almost nothing about other types of bells. See Links to find resources that may have better information for you.

What sleigh bells are made in the USA?

Your best bet is to purchase antique bells -- those made before the 1920s or so. New solid-brass sleigh bells made since the middle 1900s are largely imported from India, Pakistan, Taiwan, and China. Bevin Bros. Mfg. Co. in East Hampton, Connecticut, still makes machine-stamped steel "jingle" bells. See also About Our Bells.

Can sleigh bells be engraved?

The brass and bronze in our antique sleigh bells and premium new solid-brass sleigh bells are suitable for engraving. Our inexpensive "jingle" bells is not engravable. The steel of these bells will rust if its protective plating is removed. We do not engrave sleigh bells, nor do we know anyone who offers this service.

Do you sell foot gongs? (Also known as Bermuda bells, carriage bells, or "ding dong" bells)?

We do not sell foot gongs. See Saddle bells, shaft bells, and foot gongs for tips on where to find them.

Is my Swiss 1878 Saignelegier bell a valuable antique?

See Open-mouth Bells

What kind of sleigh bell sounds best?

It really depends on the listener. See Sleigh Bell Sound and About Our Bells

How can I polish my bells and clean up their strap?

See Sleigh Bell Care

Will polishing ruin the antique value of my sleigh bells?

See What can be Done with Sleigh Bells?

Are there good books or other resources about sleigh bells?

The most informative printed book is Horse Bells, available from us. See also our Learn more about bells section. Books about bells in general often have a few pages about horse and sleigh bells. I cannot recommend any for accuracy, completeness, and usefulness, if your interest is specifically about horse and sleigh bells. The Horse Bells book and our website are your best resources.

What kinds of sleigh bell straps are there?

See Bell Straps and Brackets and What can be Done with Sleigh Bell Straps?

What do the numbers on some sleigh bells mean?

See Sizing Bells

What is the difference between a crotal, a horse bell, and a sleigh bell?

See Crotals and History

Were sleigh bells ever tuned to specific notes?

See Sleigh Bell Sound

How were sleigh bells made?

See Crotals and Machine-stamped Bells