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Please research our website before contacting us to learn more about your sleigh bells. Many questions are answered on our website. In particular, please read our FAQ and check our "Learn about bells" section.

If you want to send unsolicited photos by email, please limit photos to a total of 2 MB or less. Send carefully chosen, in-focus photos that clearly and efficiently "tell your story".

If you want to send unsolicited sound files or other executable files by email, please be advised I will not open these files.

Email: info@classicbells.com

Phone: 1-563-864-3201

Fax: 1-563-864-7416

We are in the Central time zone. Large cities in our time zone are Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Chicago, Illinois. International callers, please see TimeAndDate.com for dialing help.


Monday - Thursday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Central time zone
Friday - Sunday by appointment only


Classic Bells Ltd
669 Woodchuck Drive
Postville, Iowa 52162

This is our physical location. It is also our shipping address for mail and packages.


Appointments: Please contact us to arrange an appointment BEFORE you travel. There are two reasons for this --

We have a small staff. If you arrive unexpectedly, you may be disappointed if the person who can answer your questions is not available to work with and talk to you.

Travel to our rural shop is not advised if the local roads are icy or snowy or if the weather has been very rainy. It is good to schedule visits when the local roads are safer.

Order pick up or drop off: We will be glad to help if you would like to hand deliver or pick up a custom project or other order. Just give us a call and we will be ready for you.

Shopping: Our workshop is a manufacturing and shipping facility. We do not have a retail shop stocked with items for purchase.

Tours: Tours are available by appointment from February through August. Cost is $100 for the first hour or partial hour and $50 for each hour or partial hour thereafter. Tours are limited to 6 people maximum.

You will see the equipment in the shop and see whatever tasks we happen to be doing that particular day. Since we make and ship our products as orders are placed and we do not have a retail shopping space, we don't normally have products on hand for visitors to view or buy.

We will explain in general what we do with sleigh bells and about the products we make. We will also be glad to answer your questions about sleigh bell uses, designs, and history.

Accessibility: The workshop is wheelchair and walker accessible. Folks who cannot stand for long should consider bringing their own chair, however. Workshop seating is limited to backless stools.

Directions to Classic Bells from these nearby towns:

Decorah, Iowa
Postville, Iowa
Lansing, Iowa
Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin

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